The 3 Ps Every Woman Should Have in Her Wardrobe with Alyssa Whitfield

SF Alyssa
The 3 Ps Every Woman Should Have in Her Wardrobe with Alyssa Whitfield Founder and CEO of Dress for Success RochesterThe power of having confidence goes a long way.Yes, money and confidence are interchangeable.  The more confidence you have, many will argue, the more money you'll make.I'm sure you've heard it before, most people get 90% through a project and then just quit. That final 10% to create something extraordinary is where you need to lean on your confidence. Dig deep and believe that you got what it takes to go that last and final mile.But in life, things happen and sometimes we lose our confidence along the way.  Whether it's a job loss, divorce or other confidence crushing moment.Alyssa Whitfield and her team at Dress for Success Rochester are dedicated to building women back up and getting them prepared and ready for their career step.Alyssa is just fantastic! She is a woman who energizes and owns any room she walks into. How does she do it?She will teach us her secrets today.-How to feel confident in an intimidating setting ( Yes, that includes the boss's office asking for a job or pay increase)-And of course the founder of Dress for Success can't be on the show without telling us they key pieces we all need to have in our closet.  Alyssa calls it the "3 Ps" every woman should have in her wardrobe.You can reach out to Alyssa Whitfield and learn more about Dress for Success here: to being financially confident women!