Fried chicken and champagne: Dave Grohl just inspired our new favorite meal

Now we're salivating
Dave Grohl
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When you’re in a band as big as the Foo Fighters, it’s easy to imagine a lavish post-show meal consisting of the finest culinary options the city they’re in has to provide.

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Bougie has never been on brand for the Foo Fighters and frontman Dave Grohl shared his majestic post-show food and drink combo that we can’t stop obsessing over. Fried chicken and champagne.

Grohl was a guest on the Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend podcast and revealed the origins of his post-show meal of choice.

Both Conan and the Foo Fighters share the same tour manager, Gus Brandt. While on tour, Brandt brought the Foos some buckets of KFC Original Recipe fried chicken. “I’m picking up pieces of chicken and I’m eating like a raccoon in a dumpster," Dave said.

As is the case with anyone who has rabidly downing some fried chicken, you’re going to need a beverage to accompany it. “I look and to my left was a bottle of champagne in a bucket of ice,” Grohl said.

“So I pop the champagne and start drinkin’ it. Then I take a bite of chicken. And then I have some champagne and then I take a bite. And I look at everyone and I’m like, ‘YOU GUYS! YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS! THIS IS AMAZING!'”

Naturally, Dave immediately shared his excitement with the rest of the crew who then proceeded to make the pairing a staple at their shows.

Listen to the full episode of Dave Grohl’s appearance on Conan’s podcast right here.

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