Your favorite music venue could soon be a COVID-19 vaccination site

Music venues across the country are lobbying to become vaccination sites
COVID-19 vaccination site
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The next time you step into a music venue, you won’t be greeted with the familiar sites and sounds. Instead, you’ll be taking the next step to ensure those venues can fill their rooms with the sound of live music sooner rather than later.

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Venues and other businesses in the music and entertainment industry that used to compete with one another have banded together to offer their support in combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the Wall Street Journal, live events titans like Live Nation and AEG have teamed up with the National Independent Venue Association (NIVA), The Broadway League, Save Live Events, and several other organizations to pen a letter to President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris to offer their venues, workers, and resources to aid in getting Americans vaccinated.

“We share your vision of expedient, equitable, and widespread vaccine distribution. It is our duty, as businesses rooted in communities across the nation, to do our part to set America on a positive path during this time of crisis,” the letter states. “We stand ready to work with Federal and State governments to save lives and get America back to work and school.”

The organizations claim they have the ability to utilize their “vast resources” to help distribute the vaccine. “In fact because we are shuttered, we are able to offer the full weight of our industry to support vaccine distribution beginning immediately,” the letter says.

The letter notes that many venues are already working on the state and local level to aid in vaccine implementation. With their venues located in a wide variety of communities, urban, suburban, and rural, they’re in a unique position of accessibility for most Americans.

Additionally, their experience in managing crowds of all sizes serves as a benefit in this scenario. “Moving people in, out, and around a public gathering space swiftly and safely is the foundation of our industry,” the letter states.

“Additionally, our familiarity using ticketing systems for advanced notification, timed entry and crowd management can greatly improve patient experience before and during vaccination as well as on-site management.”

The businesses and organizations in the letter recognize what has been a long accepted fact since the start of the pandemic: they were one of the first businesses to close and will be among the last to open.