The Best TV Shows of 2020 So Far


Rolling Stone just released its list for the best shows of 2020. Here is my list:

House Hunters – Comedians on Couches (HGTV) – 3 comedians watch House Hunters and comment on it. They basically say all the things you’ve said about the show. I think it’s the best way to watch House Hunters.

The Genetic Detective (ABC) – A genetic genealogist uses her skills to solve crimes. The very first episode involves a cold case from the Seattle area. This is a true crime show not fiction like CSI or Criminal Minds.

Don’t (ABC) – Don’t is a physical game show where one family tries to complete the tasks to win money. All the tasks are based on rules your parents had for you like “Don’t play in the road” “Don’t pick your nose” etc. It is produced by Ryan Reynolds so it has his sarcastic influence.

America To Me (Hulu/Amazon Prime) – Kids in a Chicago high school are followed for this unscripted documentary. The main issue is the racial and education inequalities. You will get really invested in these kids so watch out. I’ve cried during almost every episode.

Space Force (Netflix) – Steve Carell leads the newly established Space Force in this comedy. If you liked The Office, you should give this a try.

- Emily Raines

If you have a suggestion to add to the list, let me know