College Dog Mascots Unite for Zoom Conference


It’s been said a picture is worth 1,000 words. I think this one is worth a bit more.

I don’t know what I’m looking at … but it’s amazing. I’ll take pictures that belong in the Louvre for $600, Alex. Details are scarce, though from the looks of it, a gathering of canine college mascots—all of them extremely good boys—linked up Wednesday for an all-important video call. Among the dozen pooches in attendance were Blues III and IV of Butler University, Fresno State’s Victor E. Bulldog, Yale’s Handsome Dan, Jonathan the UConn Husky and Dubs of University of Washington fame.

Look at this work of art. Virtual happy hour will never be the same. These pups are doing the lord’s work, giving us the Zoom dog content we all crave as the coronavirus quarantine enters its second month.

I’m so full of questions. What topics were discussed? Bones, belly rubs, tennis balls … Carole Baskin? How often do these meetings occur? Why weren’t Smokey and Uga included? Did the call drop off after 40 minutes or did someone pay the fifteen bucks for a Zoom subscription? And where did Handsome Dan get that awesome chair he’s sitting in? It looks super comfortable.

The whimsy here is just off the charts. With social distancing in effect, watching a bunch of teleconferencing pups may be the closest we’ll get to seeing sports for a while. I’m not sure who organized this dog powwow, but can Rooney (my four-year-old beagle) get an invite next time?

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