John Daly Says He Could Fix Tom Brady’s Golf Game ‘in a Heartbeat’


Just another sign of the pandemic and subsequent sports hiatus is that ‘The Match’, which went down over a week ago, continues to be the most-discussed live sports event. Even the Super Bowl runs dry after about a week of discussion, but because there haven’t been any other largely notable events, we’re left talking about the many interesting aspects of ‘The Match’.

One of our many takeaways of the event, courtesy of John Healy, was that Tom Brady is actually human!

In all his years of football, we may not have seen any throw as technically poor as the attempted chip in the above video. He’s a cyborg on the football field. But he’s a human on the golf course.

Just 10 minutes could change that, according to what golf great John Daly told TMZ in an interview.

“I could fix him in a heartbeat,” Daly said, responding to the fact that Brady participated in the event without a driver in his bag. “Tom could hit a driver. That’s the easiest club in the bag to hit. It’s the biggest face in your bag, and somebody’s not helping him. We need to get his driver right… we’ve got to give him a driver.

“I can help him in 10 minutes. It’s so easy to hit a driver.”

Daly commented that while Brady’s swing isn’t awful, he’d hit it an extra 100 yards with some more confidence and the ability to use a driver. We saw Brady respond positively to Mickelson’s advisory tips out on the course, as he practically laid out every single putt in meticulous detail so that Brady could succeed on the greens.

So do we believe that Daly, who absolutely crushed the ball throughout his career and gained a reputation for his long drives, could work some magic on Tom in the tee box?

Yes, we do.

The bad news is that Brady might have some competition for Daly’s attention.

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