Mike Francesa Moving Digital Broadcast and Streaming Content Exclusively to RADIO.COM


Mike is on the move!

Legendary radio host Mike Francesa is taking his talents to RADIO.COM, and he’s bringing all of his streaming content with him.

Francesa’s “Mike’s On” content will migrate exclusively to the RADIO.COM app on Oct. 1. Francesa tweeted about the news on Tuesday morning:

It’s a new home for the New York native, as well as his legion of passionate sports-hungry fans across the country.

“Mike Francesa is a legend, and we are beyond thrilled to bring more Mike to RADIO.COM,” said J.D. Crowley, the chief digital officer of parent company Entercom. “Mike has some of the most loyal, engaged fans in all of sports, thanks to his unique ability to build a broad audience with must-listen, highly compelling audio content, always calling it like it is.

“The ability to tap into Mike’s immediate, live reactions to the biggest moments in sports, combined with the vast library of audio and video content this deal brings to the platform, further cement RADIO.COM as one of the leading digital audio platforms in the U.S. for creators, audiences, and advertisers alike.”

Francesa has brought the most captivating sports insight to the airwaves for more than 30 years. “Mike and the Mad Dog,” the WFAN show he co-hosted with Chris Russo, is widely regarded as one of the most successful sports radio talk shows in history.

Starting Oct. 1, Francesa — along with hundreds of stations and thousands of podcasts — will be available on the RADIO.COM app for free.

Download the RADIO.COM app here, and find Francesa’s show on WFAN here.