Chris Sale all-in on Red Sox' new uniforms, stretch drive

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You might remember Chris Sale having a somewhat complicated history with alternative uniforms. In short, he shredded the White Sox' attempt at mixing things up - both literally and figuratively.

No need to hold your breath this time around.

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After helping lead the Red Sox to their seventh straight victory - allowing two runs over five innings in the Sox' 12-5 win over the Mets Wednesday night - Sale let the world know that no scissors were required this time around.

It turns out, like the rest of the Red Sox, the starter really likes these yellow City Edition uniforms the team evidently can't lose in.

"I love them. I do," Sale said. " know that might be a surprise to some people, but I think it's great. Obviously what it represents means even more to us. It's kind of crazy, right? We're wearing yellow, we're wearing baby blue. We're a red, white, gray, blue team. But it makes it fun. I think the fans love it, and what it represents means even more to us. I think you're going to see them quite a bit more because we play well in them. For now, we're going to keep that rolling and have some fun with it. We love these unis."

Well, good news for Sale and Co.: They don't seem to be going anywhere.

"There’s a pretty good chance," said Red Sox manager Alex Cora when asked if the team were going to bring out the brightness once again Friday night. "We’re not superstitious, we just love routines. It just so happens at 6 o'clock the uniforms are there. It’s part of our routine right now."

As for how the lefty feels when it comes to actually pitching, that is also a sunny outlook.

Against the Mets, Sale's velocity ticked back up, hitting as high as 96.8 mph. He also struck out eight along the way, with the Red Sox improving to 6-1 when he starts.

"I don’t have any reserve or question in my ability to pitch into later innings or higher pitch counts. I trained for this," said Sale after throwing 89 pitches. "This is what I prepare myself for on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis, so when we get to crunch time and that’s what’s called upon, we’re gonna do it. I’ve got too much love and respect for these guys at the top to question it. I know what the plan is, I know where we’re at and what we’re trying to accomplish, and like I said, when that time comes, we’ll handle it."