Cody Bellinger's shoulder 'popped out' while celebrating his series-winning homer


An odd footnote to Cody Bellinger's pivotal home run in the Dodgers' biggest game of the season to date could be a story to watch entering the World Series.

Bellinger appeared to injure his right arm after forcefully connecting with a teammate on a brodacious leaping Bash Brothers-style fist bump while returning to the dugout after his go-ahead home run off Atlanta Braves reliever Chris Martin.

The 25-year-old lefty slugger looked to have winced in pain and made a beeline for the Dodgers' locker room after the hard mid-air collision with second baseman Enrique Hernandez.

Bellinger was still favoring and stretching his right arm -- which is his bottom hand in the batter's box -- when he took his position in the outfield for the top of the eighth inning, and appeared to tell a teammate he'd dislocated the shoulder.

He confirmed after the game that he was treated because the shoulder had "popped out" -- and conceded it "kind of hurt."

"I’m good," he said. "I hit Hernandez's shoulder a little too hard, and my shoulder popped out. I had to go back into the trainer’s room and they popped it back in so I could go play defense. It kind of hurt. I’m gonna use my left arm. I’ve never dislocated that one."

Bellinger said he should be "good" for the Dodgers' World Series matchup against the Tampa Bay Rays, which was set to begin Tuesday night.

But if the shoulder bothers him in the Fall Classic and affects his hacks against a tough Rays pitching staff, his home run and celebration will come to mean something different entirely.