WATCH: Joe Girardi somehow knew the Yankees would drop Scott Kingery's pop-up


Did we just find MLB's broadcasting equivalent to the NFL's Tony Romo?

The bottom of the fourth inning was an eventful one in the Yankees-Phillies spring training contest on Thursday afternoon, and Philadelphia manager Joe Girardi was along for the ride in the broadcast booth. For one, the Phillies put up nine runs in that very half-inning, surging ahead thanks to RBI from C.J. Chatham, Nick Maton, Luke Williams, Rhys Hoskins and Alec Bohm.

A seemingly insignificant play to start the inning — a dropped pop-up off the bat of Scott Kingery, resulting in him getting on base — was made much more intriguing by what Girardi said to announcer Tom McCarthy as the play was unfolding. Watch the video here.

"This is a really good at bat, too," Girardi said of Kingery. "I know it ends up in a pop-up... that they might not catch. I mean, this isn't easy."

One second later? A dropped pop-up. Joe "Nostradamus" Girardi might be a nice little nickname, as announcers Tom McCarthy and Ruben Amaro Jr. joked after the play. It was an impressive amount of analysis for one, short clip, somewhat reminiscent of how Tony Romo can dissect football plays as they unfold and stun viewers based on his accuracy and ability to pick up on things that others likely would not see.

The guys were happy to have Girardi join them in the booth for obvious reasons — it's kind of cool to talk with a skipper in the middle of a game, no? — but the Phils' success during his interview was an unexpected bonus. Take Bohm's blast later on in the inning, for instance (via MLB Film Room).

"Joe, we should do this during the regular season!" McCarthy exclaimed.

"Yea, if you're going to get me nine-spots, I'm all in!" Girardi joked.

Hey, if all it takes for the Phillies offense to explode is a little mid-game interview with our manager, I'm down for that as well.

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