John Kruk Shares Story About Lenny Dykstra's Mid-Game Uniform Strip


Lenny Dykstra is an interesting individual. Is that news to anyone? No?

You can hear an example of that in the video clip at the top of the article, in which SportsRadio 94WIP host Angelo Cataldi allows a hostile confrontation between writer Ray Didinger and the troublesome former Phillie to develop.

If you happened to tune into the latest episode of retired NFL player Chris Long's "Green Light" podcast, you'll have heard another example. This time, it's straight from the mouth of John Kruk, Dykstra's teammate in Philly for five-and-a-half seasons in the early 90s. But Chris Long's question didn't ask specifically about Dykstra. The former Rams, Patriots, and Eagles defensive end wanted to know if Kruk was a superstitious ballplayer at all, if he had any Turk Wendell-esque routines or traditions that made him play the game a different way.

But while Kruk, now a color commentator for Phillies broadcasts, didn't have any himself, he knew someone that did.

"Lenny Dykstra was... he was special," Kruk said, as Long and his co-host, Coach Wookie, laughed in the background. "He had to have a new pair of batting gloves for batting practice every day and then a new pair for every at bat, so he would go through like 700-some pairs of batting gloves in a year."

But as crazy as 700 pairs of batting gloves in a year is-- which, if true, would mean that Dykstra went through upward of 8,000 pairs -- a mid-game incident was by far the most bizarre occurrence of Dykstra's superstitious nature.

"I remember one game we were playing and he made an out his first at bat, he made an out his second at bat, and it was a pitcher he thought he should handle pretty well," Kruk said. "So after the next inning I come up in the clubhouse to cool off, you know, because at least we had air conditioning in there.

"So I went up there just to cool off for a little bit. Lenny's in there butt naked. And I'm like, 'What the hell? Did they take him out of the game or what?'

"He had taken his entire uniform off and threw it in the garbage because he thought it was bad luck and the equipment guy (was) bringing him all new stuff. (He) like took everything off."

Amid fits of laughter, Long was able to ask Kruk if that was a sight he ever wanted to see, to which Kruk responded that it wasn't quite at the top of his list.

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