The Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas offered to record new SNY MLB theme song for free


Most sports networks' theme songs are indisputably catchy and are the focus of a number of lists ranking the best of the best. My personal favorite, for what it's worth, is the NFL on Fox theme. Nothing gets me ready for football quite like this one.

But for longtime Mets fans Julian Casablancas, who grew up idolizing Darryl Strawberry and Mike Piazza, the SNY theme song for Mets games didn't get him pumped up. Instead, it annoyed him

"The SNY song was driving me nuts," Casablancas told Michael Clair of

Okay... so what? Why should we care what one diehard Mets fan thinks about SNY's theme song? Maybe because he's the frontman and primary songwriter of The Strokes, a multi-platinum rock band. You could say he's got a good ear for that sort of stuff. In fact, his band is one with several ties to our national pastime. "Someday," one of my favorite songs by the group, was featured in the video game "Major League Baseball 2K8," and the more recent "Ode to the Mets" was written after the Cubs defeated the Mets in the 2016 National League Wild Card game.

But he had a simple solution to fix the song he found so annoying. He's an incredible songwriter... why not replace it with his own?

“I used to watch a lot of games," Casablancas said. "I knew someone who worked for the Mets, who hooked me up with tickets sometimes. I had a whole song. I was like, ‘Let me do like the song for SNY for the game.’ It was kind of epic, rising -- like an exciting game is gonna happen. But they just didn't have their [stuff] together. And they were like, ‘We don't have a budget.’ I was like, ‘You don't need a budget. I'll just give you the song. I'll do it for free.’”

And here we are, following the free offer from the lead singer of the universally acclaimed Strokes, and SNY still does not have a new theme song. Oh well.

As Clair notes, though, Casablancas isn't giving up completely.

“I was thinking ‘Ode to the Mets’ should be the song they play when they lose," Casablancas joked. "Like a consolation.”

Maybe he should pitch it to Steve Cohen on Twitter. Everyone knows a response — and a great one at that — is only <280 characters away.

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