MLB Owner on Ugly Return Talks: 'Urinating on One Another'

By , 97.3 The Fan

It's no secret MLB's owners and players waged an unseemly public debate amid a public health crisis over the parameters of the league's return this summer.

Talks turned nasty over the course of several weeks, and as recently as only a couple weeks ago it appeared uncertain whether there would be any attempt at a season at all.

According to one baseball executive, the negotiations were just as ugly as they appeared.

"We couldn't find common ground, literally, on anything," Padres chairman and co-owner Ron Fowler told hosts Ben Higgins & Steven Woods on 97.3 The Fan in San Diego on Friday. "And the perception was that billionaires and millionaires were, for lack of a better word, urinating on one another.

"It was ugly on the inside. It was even uglier on the outside. Nobody took anybody on face value when things were said, and it deteriorated into something that was not good for baseball."

Talks took a turn for the worse when the players refused to renegotiate the terms of a potential return after an agreement had been reached in March, Fowler said.

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred eventually imposed a 60-game abbreviated season late last month, after weeks of negotiating between the players and owners throughout the spring and early summer failed to yield an agreement on a return.

The labor acrimony has mostly died down in the weeks since, with players reporting to summer camps ahead of a scheduled Opening Day 2.0 on July 23 and 24.