Reports Say MLB and Players Making 'Significant Progress' in Planning 2020 Season


To say that keeping up with Major League Baseball's return plans has been extremely frustrating and tumultuous is an understatement. But has this insane roller coaster ride finally pulled into the station?

That very well may be the case. After Rob Manfred said that he was both "100 percent" sure there would be a season and then "not confident" within a week-long span, fans were left stymied. But it was RADIO.COM Sports MLB insider Jon Heyman who finally brought us good, straightforward news regarding the 2020 MLB season.

Other reports emerged that were not as directly optimistic as Heyman's, though they signaled that Manfred and MLBPA executive director Tony Clark's conversations led to some encouraging results.

Additionally, MLB insider Evan Drellich said that no deal is close, as "the proposal was just sent by MLB." However, seeing as a deal was sent by MLB after Clark said Sunday that any more negotiations "would be futile," this could be a major development.

After the initial confusion regarding the somewhat conflicting reports settled, more details became clear. The first, and most important, as that there was no agreement in place, according to the most reliable source on the matter.

However, it doesn't mean that a deal can't be made. And the deal will be under much friendlier terms than some of the previous offers made, with one term of agreement that really shows the progress brought about by recent talks: full prorated salary, as Heyman initially noted.

MLB insider Ken Rosenthal added additional details, including that the proposal calls for a 60-game, 70-day season with a July 19/20 start, an expanded playoff format for the next two seasons and the waiving of any outstanding grievances from the union.

Manfred released a statement later in the day, saying that a "jointly developed framework" for return was produced from the meeting with Clark and that he is "encouraging" owners to move forward and trusting Clark will do that same with the players (via Jorge Castillo).

The players had been adamant that they would not accept some of the drastic pay cuts that the league's owners had proposed previously, and so it seems that the full prorated salaries that are a part of this new offer could really cause positive momentum toward a season.

This is a developing story.