Terry Francona's Son Blasts Indians Pitcher for Breaking Coronavirus Protocols


The son of Cleveland Indians manager Terry Francona went scorched earth on one of the team's pitchers after he was recently banished to quarantine for violating baseball's COVID-19 protocols.

Zach Plesac, a second-year pitcher for the Tribe, and star pitcher Mike Clevinger were sent home from the team's road trip and placed on the restricted list after it was revealed they had broken curfew in Chicago while having dinner with Plesac's friends and later hanging out at one of their houses.

Plesac on Thursday blasted the media, suggesting the media unfairly demonized him for a low-key night out for dinner in the Windy City -- and it didn't sit well with Nick Francona, the son of skipper Terry, who panned Plesac's response as a "moronic rant."

"A few days ago I said that Zach Plesac should sit in timeout and shut the f*ck up until he can demonstrate he isn’t an oxygen thief," Francona said in a social media post. "That still stands."

Plesac earlier had said the media is "terrible," and suggested reports had depicted his night with friends as a "malicious" act.

“The media really is terrible, man," Plesac said. "The media is terrible, and they do some evil things to create stories and to make things sound better, makes things sound worse."

Nick Francona, who formerly worked in the Mets' player development department, first made headlines two years ago when he claimed the team fired him over a disagreement about the team wearing military-themed uniforms. Nick, a former Marine and veteran of the conflict in Afghanistan, said the Mets fired him for questioning their camouflage uniforms, the New York Post reported.

Nick Francona also claimed he was fired by the Dodgers after a disagreement with Gabe Kapler for seeking treatment for emotional trauma that he endured during his military service. An MLB investigation determined no action should be taken against Kapler, now the manager of the San Francisco Giants.

Meanwhile Nick's father, Terry, returned to the bench this week after missing eight games for a procedure to remedy a gastrointestinal issue, according to Cleveland.com. Francona is also battling a balky hip, the report said, and previously missed time in 2017 due to an irregular heartbeat.

Update 4:00 p.m. ET: The Indians announced that while Plesac and Mike Clevinger were removed from the restricted list Friday, but have been optioned to the satellite team.