New Jersey Brewery Trolls Astros with New ‘Trash Can Banger’ Beer


The Astros trolls are at it again. MLB’s ongoing war between players and ownership over proposed pay cuts has temporarily taken Houston’s cheating scandal out of the spotlight, but Departed Soles hasn’t forgotten about the Astros’ sign-stealing.

The New Jersey-based brewery introduced its new “Trash Can Banger” IPA (5.4-percent alcohol by volume) earlier this week, and there’s nothing subtle about it. The beer, which includes precisely 2,017 grams (a clever nod to the Astros’ tainted World Series) per barrel of “Galaxy and Strata hops,” comes in cans designed to replicate the red, orange and yellow-striped uniforms Houston donned in the 1970s. Departed Soles wasn’t shy about trolling the disgraced 2017 World Champs on social media, promoting the debut of “Trash Can Banger” with a near-endless supply of Astros puns. A four-pack can be had for $17 at the brewery’s Jersey City location.

“We’re all very big sports fans and we’re all desperate for sports to come back,” head brewer and East Brunswick native Brian Kulbacki told “We’re desperate for anything to talk about other than a pandemic right now. So we thought it was an opportune time to put out a beer.”

“Trash Can Banger” has attracted interest in both Los Angeles (the Dodgers were the aggrieved party in the 2017 World Series) and Texas, though Departed Soles is legally prohibited from shipping beer. However, Kulbacki, who identifies as a Marlins fan, plans to visit Texas after the coronavirus quarantine to brew a batch for charity. Kulbacki tried to put the beer on Cody Bellinger’s radar by tagging the Dodgers star in an Instagram post, though the National League’s reigning MVP has yet to respond.

“I’m not a fan of cheaters,” Kulbacki said in response to criticism from Astros fans, who predictably weren’t pleased with the release of “Trash Can Banger.” “It’s a fact. It happened.”

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