Why MLB's Only Publicly Owned Team Is Key to Return Talks: Francesa


The Atlanta Braves have emerged as a focal point in the ongoing talks over the potential return of baseball, according to Mike Francesa.

The Braves' financial success in recent years has fostered distrust of ownership among the players, the Mike's On host said.

While owners say salary cuts and other measures are necessary to offset losses caused by the coronavirus -- without actually providing documentation to prove it -- players point to the financial success laid bare in the Braves' publicly available records in recent years.

"There's so little trust here, that whatever proposal the players are given, they don't believe it."

The Braves are the only publicly traded team in Major League Baseball, Francesa explained, so their financial information is subject to public scrutiny in a way that privately owned teams are exempt from.

"No one sees anyone else's books in baseball."