MLB legend Tommy John reportedly expresses virus, vaccine skepticism while on ventilator


Baseball great Tommy John was reportedly in poor health amid a recent bout with coronavirus.

The 77-year-old former pitcher has been hospitalized multiple times in recent weeks, including late last month after he fell at his home in California, his wife reportedly told The Daily Beast.

John maintains that it remains unclear whether all of his health issues are related to the virus, and appeared to dismiss concerns about the seriousness of the disease in general.

"You’re either going to live or you’re going to die,” he said, according to the report.

John acknowledged he's been taken on and off oxygen multiple times during his illness, but questioned whether it was necessary.

The MLB great's 43-year-old son, a practicing chiropractor in San Diego, is a prominent virus denier on social media, the report said.

The son, Tommy John III, has claimed diseases aren't caused by germs and expressed anti-vaccine views, according to the story.

The elder Tommy John said he was unlikely to get the coronavirus vaccine, claiming he hadn't been vaccinated since he was 8 years old.

"Does that make me bad?" he told the outlet.

The Indiana native, who won 288 games and owned a 3.34 ERA in a 26-year career, revolutionized sports medicine when he became the first star to return from the reconstructive elbow surgery that later came to bear his name.

The left-hander missed the entirety of the 1975 season because of the surgery, resuming his career with the Dodgers in '76 before going on to pitch for the Yankees and Angels. He broke in with the Indians in 1963, and also pitched for the White Sox during his two-plus decades in the major leagues.