Trevor Bauer Calls Out MLB Super Agent Scott Boras for 'Meddling' in Return Talks


Trevor Bauer has paused his verbal assault of the Houston Astros to set his sights on one of baseball's most esteemed player agents.

The Cincinnati Reds ace called out longtime agent Scott Boras in a pair of cryptic tweets on Wednesday, apparently taking issue to what he characterized as Boras' interference in the affairs of the players' union.

How exactly Boras was meddling, Bauer didn't say, but it was later reported on Thursday that Boras had advised his clients to turn down the MLB owners' most recent offer of an additional pay cut for players.

Bauer's vague allegation comes at a fraught time for MLB and the MLBPA, amid very public negotiations over a potential return of play this summer. Most of the sniping has pitted players against owners, naturally, but Bauer's tweet suggests there is at least some debate within the ranks of the players.

The owners recently proposed steep pay cuts, which was widely panned by players. Some dismissed it as bad faith bargaining and perhaps merely an underhanded attempt to divide the union.

Bauer has been a fierce critic of the Astros, both before and after their cheating scandal was revealed. The right-hander recently ripped the team in a workout video in which he said their World Series was "illegitimate."

Boras' status as the premier player agent behind some of the most lucrative contracts in baseball history has made him a polarizing figure in the milieu of a billion-dollar business. Boras has his own agency and is not an MLBPA official, but presumably he has some degree of influence given his standing in the industry.

Boras' firm represented 71 players as of last September, the most in MLB, according to the Associated Press. Some of his top-dollar clients include Gerrit Cole, Bryce Harper, Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg, among others.

Bauer reportedly changed agents after last season and is now represented by Luba Sports, according to MLB Trade Rumors.