WATCH: Jacob deGrom gives Freddie Freeman some fielding tips from the dugout

By , Audacy Sports

If Jacob deGrom offers you tips regarding baseball, you listen to them. It's as simple as that. If he tells you how to grip a certain pitch, you grip it the exact way he tells you. If he informs you of a certain release point that optimizes the spin rate of a breaking ball, you release it right where he says. If he suggests a certain technique at the plate — remember, he's batting a casual .467 with a 1.000 OPS this year — you're gonna want to alter your swing.

And if he instructs you on how to play first base and where to position yourself, even if you're a Gold Glove first baseman coming off an MVP season, you apparently follow his command.

Man, Freeman really knows how to have fun with everyone on the ball field, whether it's Anthony Rizzo (the batter and baserunner), Anthony Rizzo (the pitcher) or the injured Jacob deGrom, who is currently on the 10-day IL along with a bevy of other Mets.

I think Freeman probably likes interacting with deGrom more in that capacity, anyway. A career .293 hitter with a .890 career OPS, Freeman drops to .259 and .797 when facing off against deGrom, the pitcher who he has the second most plate appearances against. That's actually not so bad, though, considering deGrom's career batting average and OPS against numbers are .217 and .598, respectively. That's what you get when you face one of the best batters in the game versus one of the best pitchers in the game: each one will eventually come out on top at different points.

And in the rare event that one is sidelined, the head-to-head rivalry becomes more of a camaraderie — with free fielding tips! Who would've thunk it?

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