WATCH: MLB Clubhouse Attendant Makes Awesome Throw in Intrasquad Game


In 2011, Francisco Herrera was tossing a baseball around in the outfield at Dodger Stadium with former pitcher Jon Garland, who was recovering from a shoulder injury at the time.

Herrera wasn't a part of the Dodgers active roster, and he still isn't. Instead, Herrera, who goes by "Chico," is a clubhouse attendant. But during that casual catch with Garland, the pitcher surprised Chico with a great compliment.

Herrera told Ramona Shelburne of ESPN about how Garland told him that he "really (did) have a good arm" and questioned when he was going to try out for an official spot on the team. Though Chico thought Garland was kidding, he was granted a tryout. After all, how could a play like this go unnoticed?

Though Chico's tryout, which came six months after that catch with Garland, didn't result in a fairy tale ending -- he apparently still needed a lot of work at the plate -- he still serves as one of the Dodgers' beloved clubhouse attendants. And though he hasn't played in an MLB game to this point, the former college shortstop has been able to participate in the team's intrasquad games. Once again, his arm is turning heads.

Tagging up from first base isn't the highest-probability play anyway, but Chris Taylor figured that his best chance to successfully do so may have come against a bat boy... and it seems, on the surface, like sound logic.

But not against Chico! The Dodgers' social media team decided to bring more of a spotlight to Chico, slowing down his outstanding throw.

Players, too, are having a field day with the hashtag that blossomed from the above videos.

Even after the outrageous throw in Saturday's game, the team announced that Chico would not be playing in Sunday's game, which was disappointing news for pitcher Ross Stripling.

Still, recognition from teammates, an awesome and unforgettable highlight, and a feature in the Los Angeles Times is probably more than what this clubhouse attendant could have ever expected from continuing to play the game he loves.

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