Red Sox fans chanting 'F— you A-Rod' forced Fox to mute its postgame show

By , WEEI 93.7

Wild Red Sox fans shut down Fox’s postgame show Monday night, forcing the network to mute its broadcast so it could drown out the various obscenities being shouted across Jersey Street.

It was the best A-Rod has ever sounded.

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Fenway turned into a raucous party last night as the Red Sox pounded the Astros 12-3 and destroyed any remaining semblance of infallibility in the Houston dugout. Afterwards, seemingly thousands of crazed revelers took to Jersey Street, and found a home behind the Fox crew’s set.

They went nuts when David Ortiz slipped on a Red Sox helmet, and reacted with contempt when A-Rod matched with a Yankees helmet.

Eventually, they started chanting “F-- you A-Rod!” and “F— Altuve!” It was too much for a censor to handle, so Fox just shut down the audio.

It’s been a long three years since Boston has hosted a championship series, and Red Sox fans are making up for lost time. They’ve been awesome all postseason long, earning unfettered praise from Alex Cora and his players. In a game dominated by analytics, the Red Sox possess the ultimate intangible: a true home field advantage. When opposing teams screw up, they hear about it, and the game can shift on a dime.

Look no further than the 2nd inning, when Jose Altuve failed to field Christian Arroyo’s grounder, allowing an errant run to score. Moments later, Kyle Schwarber blasted a monstrous ground slam that shook Fenway to its 109-year-old core.

There was no coming back for the Astros. And unfortunately for them, they have two more games to play at Fenway.

At least Fox can get its analysts out of harm’s way. Look for tonight’s show to air a little further away from the park, or at least where fans can’t take over the broadcast.

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