Yankees Set MLB Records With Monstrous 4th Inning, Provide Blue Jays Pitcher With a Record of His Own


When I last wrote about the Yankees -- oh, about four hours before their Thursday night game got underway -- I wrote that they had a chance to break an MLB record. They had hit at least six home runs in each of their previous two games against the Blue Jays. And, verbatim, from my story, was this:

This marks just the fifth time in MLB history, and, coincidentally, the second time in 2020, that a team has hit six or more home runs in two consecutive games. Talk about a power surge... should the Yankees be able to replicate this feat again on Thursday night against the Blue Jays, they'll stand alone.

Though they haven't completed this achievement yet -- and I'm probably going to have to edit this to make up for it when they do hit six home runs -- they almost completed it in the fourth inning alone.

With five home runs in the fourth inning -- with Brett Gardner, DJ LeMahieu, Luke Voit, Giancarlo Stanton and Gleyber Torres all going yard -- the Yankees tied the Major League record for the most home runs hit in an inning. Another team to do it was the 2017 Nationals, when they became the sixth squad in MLB history to do so. That makes the Yanks lucky No. 7.

Three of those home runs came back-to-back-to-back.

And all five of those home runs came off of one pitcher. Poor Chase Anderson. According to Baseball Almanac, Anderson is the first American League pitcher ever to surrender that many home runs in a single inning -- which may be his fault just as much as it is the fault of the coaching staff. Luckily (I guess), he's not the sole owner of that unfortunate record. Michael Blazek of the Milwaukee Brewers surrendered all five of the aforementioned Nationals home runs in 2017, as well, and so they can proudly be co-owners of this glorious feat.

Oh, and the 18 home runs that the Yankees have hit the past three nights is also an MLB record, which broke the previous record of 17 home runs, which was also set... by the Yankees... on Thursday night.

It wasn't only the Yankees who enjoyed a power surge tonight. As rare as back-to-back-to-back home runs tend to be, we saw another trio of consecutive home runs in the National League tonight, when the Phillies went yard against the Mets.

That's it... for now. See you next time once the Yankees hit their sixth home run of the night and set another MLB record.

UPDATE: Well, there goes that record, too. Gary Sanchez launched a solo shot in the seventh inning to give the Yankees their sixth of the night, making them the only team with three-straight games of six or more dingers. Their three-game total is up to 19. Let's see how much more damage they can possibly do.

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