U.S. Women's National Team Parties as Hard as It Plays After World Cup Win

by Eldis Sula

Following a World Cup victory as inspiring as it was controversial, the U.S. women’s national soccer team had a deservedly hype celebration after their big Sunday win.

The team’s party was an odyssey, starting in the locker room, but extending on the plane ride across the ocean and continuing after landing home in New York City. The two continent jamboree was a fitting release for the 2-0 championship win, a game that had fans nervous when neither the U.S. nor the Netherlands scored a single point in the first half.

The rowdy, euphoric postgame partying included dancing, “U-S-A!” chants, player feeding each other apples, twerking, and a whole lot of champagne popping. Social media posts both by players and the USWNT team accounts document the party in hilarious and joyful detail. Posts by goalkeeper Ashlyn Harris are particularly resonant -- her videos have an immediacy that feels like you’re looking at a friend’s Instagram story from a wild night out.