Anthony Anderson recalls time he and Michael Jordan got into heated game of dominoes


Stories of Micheal Jordan’s uber competitive nature are constantly surfacing, especially after ESPN’s “The Last Dance” documentary last spring, but none may be better than the one actor Anthony Anderson has of when the two first met.

While on Conan O’Brien’s “Need a Friend” podcast, Anderson recalled how he became friends with Jordan over a game of dominoes while on a trip to the Bahamas.

Of course, with Jordan involved, it was no ordinary game of dominoes.

Anderson, who had no idea Jordan was going to be there, happened to bring his cast iron red aluminum dominoes that had the Jordan Jumpman logo on it. So, when he saw Jordan, he told him about it and asked if he would want to play.

“He said, ‘How did you get those?’” Anderson said. “I was like, ‘Don’t worry about how I got them. I got them because I consider myself the MJ of dominoes and I’d like to play you.’

“He turned to my wife and said, ‘Sweetheart, I suggest you go to the bank and take out as much money as you can. Because after I whip his a-- he will not be able to provide for you and your children.”

The comment took Anderson, who just wanted a friendly game of dominoes with his basketball hero, by surprise. His wife, on the other hand, told Jordan her husband would not play him for money, but “this is what him and his momma do.”

Jordan told them to meet him at the cabana at 12 o’clock.

Anderson got his dominoes and made sure his wife got the camera to document the moment. Next thing he knew, Anderson, Jordan, Ahmad Rashad and another friend of Jordan’s were all together playing dominoes.

“I’m just having this regular game, I’m not talking trash, I’m just excited to be in the awe of this man,” Anderson said. “MJ is talking cash s--t, Conan. He’s talkin’ about my momma. He’s talking cash trash and I have to sit there and just take it.”

Jordan was 25 points away from winning the game when Anderson said he had domino, which gave him the confidence to start talking trash back to Jordan.

“I turn to Jordan and said, “MJ, this is gonna be the hardest 25 points you’ve ever had to score in your whole life,’” Anderson said. “Now the gloves are off. I’m no longer in awe of this man. He’s up here talking about my momma. I’m like f--k him. This is how it’s going down.

“I commenced to whip his a-- in dominoes. Conan, he doesn’t score another point. I’m talking so much trash that before I domino, I say, ‘Oh my God, MJ, I wish me and my wife could go upstairs and make another baby right now because we would name him or her MJ just so we could relive this moment right now. And my baby, when she older, would ask, ‘Daddy, why did you name me MJ?’ and I said to relive the moment I whipped [Jordan's] a--! Domino motherf---er!’”

Needless to say, Jordan did not take the loss well.

“He refuses to talk to me the next three days,” Anderson said. “Whenever we’re taking a group photo or picture he…tells me to get out of the picture. Nobody would know who I was anyway. So, that’s how he treated me the next few days and that’s how our friendship started.”

“And he loves my mother,” Anderson added. “He would do anything for my mother.”

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