Raptors Executive's Altercation With Deputy Seen on Newly Released Body Camera Footage


A Toronto Raptors executive has released body camera footage of his confrontation with a California sheriff's deputy in the moments after his team won the 2019 NBA title.

The legal defense of Raptors president Masai Ujiri on Tuesday released a 20-second video from the June 2019 incident, in which Ujiri is seen involved in a brief altercation with Alameda County sheriff's deputy Alan Strickland as Ujiri approaches the courtside area.

Ujiri appears to show Strickland his credentials for what he later said was a trip down to the court to celebrate with his team. Strickland, though, shoves Ujiri and tells him to "back the f--- up."

Strickland again pushes a perplexed Ujiri, the video shows, who then shoves Strickland back.

“Why did you push me?” Ujiri responds. “I’m the president of the Raptors.”

Ujiri's lawyers released the video as part of a countersuit in response to a suit filed by Strickland in February, in which Strickland claimed he was assaulted and injured by Ujiri. The sheriff's office had requested criminal charges against Ujiri, but prosecutors declined to press charges, ESPN reported.

Ujiri's team defended his shove as a valid response to the deputy.

"Only after being unjustifiably told to 'back the f--- up' and shoved twice did Mr. Ujiri show any response and return a shove to Mr. Strickland's chest. Mr. Ujiri's defensive response was a reasonable and justified reaction to Mr. Strickland's use of unnecessary and excessive force."

In addition to the federal lawsuit filed against Ujiri and the NBA, Strickland filed a worker's compensation claim, saying he was unable to work since the incident.

Strickland was previously convicted of insurance fraud, KTVU reported.