Chris Paul: Players Have Final Say Over 'Preseason' if NBA Returns


NBA players will drive the discussion in determining a ramp-up period if the season should resume from its suspension due to the coronavirus crisis, according to Oklahoma City Thunder veteran superstar Chris Paul.

Players would need "at least" 3-4 weeks to work out and prepare for games if action returns, Paul said on a Wednesday conference call, according to ESPN.

As speculation continues over the return of sports, the idea of biospheres has gained momentum. Supported by NIAID Director and White House Coronavirus Task Force member Dr. Anthony Fauci, the concept is based on playing out seasons in one or a few locations where fans will be banned and players can be largely isolated from extended travel.

With these proposals inevitably comes suggestions about when and how long players will have to get ready.

Paul, the president of the NBPA, made it clear players will lead that conversation.

"I'm just letting you know -- and I don't think the league would do it anyway -- but if they were like, 'Hey, you got two weeks,' and then we're going, 'that's not going to happen,'" Paul said. "That's not going to happen. Whatever the amount of time is, just know that players will have the input, the say-so, because we're the ones playing. That comes first. We don't ever want to put guys in a situation where their injury risk is higher than ever before."

Paul's remarks seem to comport with a report last week suggesting the NBA would have a "preseason," of sorts, of about 25 days if the season resumes.

“I get what we’re dealing with right now, a lot of hypotheticals, but I don’t know,” Paul said. “This is the thing with having 450 players in the league and being in a situation like this, where some guys have access to weight rooms, some guys don’t. Some guys have access to facilities where they can train or do this or can run. That’s why, whatever happens — and I say this, and I mean this — we always go back to the players.”