Dave Portnoy tries to lure Charles Barkley to Barstool: ‘Suddenly I have $60M laying around’


Longtime TNT personality Charles Barkley voiced his frustration with “cancel culture” and television’s continued search for something resembling political correctness in an interview with Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier of 106.7 The Fan earlier this week. “It’s gotten so out of hand,” lamented Barkley. “You can't even have fun nowadays without these jack----- trying to get you canceled.”

Barkley, whose brash, “tell-it-like-it-is” persona has made him an icon in the field of sports media, has a longer leash than most when it comes to speaking his mind. However, the network recently tried to rein the 58-year-old in, putting a stop to Chuck’s long-running “joke” fat-shaming women from San Antonio (ironic given that Barkley was nicknamed the “Round Mound of Rebound” during his playing career). Barkley didn’t seem to take that mandate well, venting his desire to retire from hoops commentating at age 60.

With Barkley beginning to question his future at TNT, Dave Portnoy, no stranger to ruffling feathers with his decidedly vulgar and misogynistic content at Barstool Sports, pitched the former NBA MVP on joining Barstool, enticing him with a standing offer of $60 million. Portnoy added in a subsequent tweet that Barkley wouldn’t be censored at Barstool, giving him carte blanch to say whatever he wants about the women of San Antonio or any other city, for that matter.

Portnoy, as you may recall, expressed similar interest in recruiting Paul Pierce to Barstool when the Celtics legend was let go from ESPN following a debaucherous Instagram video featuring strippers and marijuana. Pierce seemed to briefly entertain that offer but remains a free agent. Barstool has employed many ex-athletes over the years including Deion Sanders, former Jets offensive lineman Willie Colon, Dallas Braden (one of just 23 pitchers in Major League history to throw a perfect game) and Pat McAfee, now of FanDuel and WWE.

It’s unclear if Barkley, who isn’t on social media, received Portnoy’s message, or if he’d give serious consideration to leaving TNT, his home of the past 21 years. But $60 million to speak freely without fear of corporate overlords looking over his shoulder might intrigue Barkley, who is clearly fed up by TNT telling him what he can and can’t say on air.

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