JJ Redick will discuss questionable technical foul with league: 'I spin the ball to the refs all the time'


JJ Redick knows that he deserved the first technical foul he received against the Celtics in a recent game. After all, he dropped the F bomb when talking to a referee, and that's pretty much a no-no in whichever format of basketball you're playing.

But the second one? Mmm... not so much. The jury here at RADIO.COM Sports in terms of this little pass warranting a technical foul and subsequent ejection.

"I just want to say this," Redick said on his "The Old Man and the Three" podcast from Cadence13, available on RADIO.COM Sports. "I spin the ball to the refs all the time. It's not like an unnatural thing for me to throw them a spin pass. When I do my pregame shooting and I'm done with my dribble series, I throw a spin pass to my coach that rebounds for me. I threw the spin pass. That's what I do.

"Did I put a little extra spin on that one? Yes."

But Redick didn't give it that extra dose of mustard with the intention of displaying his frustration to that same referee. In fact, he didn't even realize that it was the same official that gave him the first technical.

"I had no idea that was Josh (Tiven) that was there, the ref that had just T'd me up," Redick explained. "So when I turned around and tossed the ball to the ref, because that's where we'd be taking the ball out of bounds, Tristan (Thompson) was in my way so I didn't toss it one-handed, and I just kinda leaned around and spun it. And Josh was making the foul call and so he had his whistle ready and he was trying to do the foul signal...

"I knew as soon as I threw the ball, he was walking into the ball. Like I knew that it was gonna bounce weird. But that's why I walked away, I was like whatever, I wasn't trying to do anything on that one. And then when I heard the whistle, I was like, f---, I'm getting tossed. I knew right away, I'm getting tossed."

Recently appointed NBA correspondent to "The Old Man and the Three" Tyrese Haliburton found the story entertaining, but what's more is that he also learned a league rule that he wasn't aware of before.

"I won't protest the first one, I'll talk to the league about the second one," Redick said. "But as you know, if you get tossed and then you don't leave the court in a timely manner, there's an additional fine on that, so you can't really protest the second one even though it's ridiculous."

Even a ridiculous technical foul can result in a teaching moment for a young NBA rookie, and Redick's bizarre incident is proof.

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