Kevin Love Has 'No Problem' With What Montrezl Harrell Said to Luka Doncic


It didn't seem that Luka Doncic was too offended by what Montrezl Harrell said to him during a heated moment in the Clippers-Mavericks first-round playoff series.

Still, Harrell apologized, and several prominent figures throughout the world of the NBA provided us with their takes on the incident. Some people, including ESPN's Jay Williams, were more critical of Harrell than others.

Mike Fisher of 105.3 The Fan in Dallas and Sports Illustrated provided his thoughts on the matter, taking exception to how Doc Rivers addressed the issue.

Kenny Smith provided his thoughts on TNT's "Inside the NBA," where he shared that he did think Harrell should apologize and watch his tongue. He did indeed think that it could be considered "racist," but didn't think that it represented "racism." His comments below help explain this thought:

I do think that he had to apologize because it could be viewed as a racist comment. He had to apologize to Luka and I'm glad he did, but it's not racism, because it had no power. Racism, you have to have power, which means if I do something to you, I have power over you for you can't do anything else... he can't stop Luka from playing in the NBA, can't stop him from being himself, can't stop him from hitting game-winners. There's no power in what he's saying. But I'm happy that he did it... and hopefully he learned this, because as an African-American, most of the time you don't get that to you. Someone who comes back to you... so I'm glad he realized what he could've done and went back to him...

It was this thought that resonated with Pelicans guard J.J. Redick in the latest episode of "The Old Man and the Three" podcast, available on RADIO.COM, which featured special guest Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

"...Him saying that, he's not keeping Luka from doing anything," Redick said, explaining Smith's take, "whereas racism is sort of putting one race above the other... (putting) barriers in place so that this race can't have the same opportunities I can."

Love agreed with the sentiment that Harrell wasn't displaying racism.

"Listen, I don't think he was," Love said. "There have been times in my career where I've been called a punk a** white boy, it is what it is... I always think about things in life in general, let alone basketball, in terms of intent. His intent was not... anything racist, it wasn't intentional in that way.

"...You called me a flopper earlier, we're in a heated battle, we're winning, I'm busting your a** -- that's just what it is. I have no problem with that."

Love says that he has been called similar things to what Harrell called Doncic.

"I've been called a b**** a** white boy a lot. S my D white boy, white boy you ain't s***, look at this punk a** white boy... I don't take any offense to that."

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