Luka Doncic reached 5,000 points at younger age than all but 3 players in NBA history

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Entering Friday night, of the 15 NBA players that reached 5,000 career points in fewer than 200 games played, only one of them wasn't a Hall of Famer. The non-Hall of Famer's name? LeBron James.

Query Results Table
Rk Player Age Games PTS
1Wilt Chamberlain*24-1751335034
2Michael Jordan*24-0221615004
3Oscar Robertson*23-3551635013
4Kareem Abdul-Jabbar*24-1831665013
5Rick Barry*28-2191675015
6Walt Bellamy*24-1151715034
7Elgin Baylor*26-1031755017
8Elvin Hayes*24-3551795008
9George Mikan*26-2441815010
10Shaquille O'Neal*22-2921875017
11Spencer Haywood*24-1821905003
12David Thompson*24-1681925013
13Bob McAdoo*23-1061945019
14George Gervin*26-2371955012
15LeBron James21-0221975006
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Generated 5/7/2021.

That was entering Friday night. And by the time Friday night had begun, that club was expanded to 16 names, thanks to a certain 22-year-old who wows us with this type of stuff on the regular. His name? Luka Doncic.

But the amount of games isn't the only thing that's special about just how quickly Doncic was able to reach the 5,000-point threshold. He also did it at a younger age than all but three players in the history of the league — LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony — when he sunk that key free throw at 22 years and 68 days of age. Here's the rest of the 10 youngest to reach 5,000, with Doncic's inclusion not yet noted (via Stathead).

Query Results Table
Rk Player Age
1LeBron James21-0225006
2Kevin Durant21-1335012
3Carmelo Anthony21-2925030
4Dwight Howard22-0815013
5Devin Booker22-0865019
6Kobe Bryant*22-1165001
7Karl-Anthony Towns22-1225016
8Derrick Rose22-1915006
9Tracy McGrady*22-2265011
10Andrew Wiggins22-2375021
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Tune in tomorrow to find out what other ridiculous feat Doncic has achieved.

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