NBA Three-Point Specialist Drug Tested After Rare Dunk


Danny Green, while playing for the San Antonio Spurs, set an NBA record for three-pointers made in an individual NBA Finals series in 2013, as he and the Spurs dethroned LeBron James and the Miami Heat as NBA Champions. Green didn't dunk once in the entire series.

Seven seasons later, Green is teammates with James on the Lakers, and recorded a rare dunk this past Sunday in a victory over the Atlanta Hawks:

Monday, Green tweeted that after the dunk, he was drug tested by the league:

Green, 32, has previously won NBA titles as a teammate of Kawhi Leonard in both San Antonio and Toronto. But while Leonard joined the Clippers in free agency this past offseason, Green inked a two-year/$30 million to join James and the rival Lakers.

The Lakers are currently tied with the Boston Celtics for the NBA's best record, at 11-2.

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