Obama jabs Charles Barkley's gambling, weight in COVID vaccine PSA together with Shaq

By , Audacy

Former President Barack Obama teamed up with Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley on Sunday in order to promote receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, but the former commander-in-chief also came prepared with some jokes.

His main target: Charles Barkley.

Obama first started to poke fun at Shaq and all his endorsements, but O’Neal was able to turn the tables and jokingly said that he does not have as much money as Barkley.

This prompted Obama to take a crack at Barkley’s reputation as a gambler.

“That’s because you don’t go to Vegas as often as he does,” Obama said.

While the ex-president began to shift the conversation toward the importance of receiving the vaccine, he still had one more wisecrack up his sleeve.

After congratulating Barkley on his daughter’s wedding, he took aim at the Hall of Famer’s weight.

“I heard a rumor…that you also needed to get in shape because the Hora, when you’re lifting the chair, because nobody can lift you at your current weight,” Obama said.

Barkley was a good sport about it and laughed it off.

“Three weeks ago, I walked my daughter down the aisle and survived the Hora,” he said. “Nobody got hurt. Best day of my life.”

While seeing the president roast Barkley was all fun and games, he was still there to discuss a serious topic about vaccine hesitancy in communities, particularly within communities of color.

“First of all, a lot of underlying conditions, things like diabetes, folks who got pre-existing conditions, there is more of that in communities of color than there is generally, which means we’re more vulnerable,” Obama said. “Number two, a lot of young people think that, ‘even if I get COVID it’s going to be a bad cold. But part of what we’re seeing now is that a different strain of the virus that’s come over. That’s now the dominant variant and it’s actually hitting young people harder than the original version.”

Barkley and Shaq both added that they have received their vaccines, with Barkley getting his second shot on Monday.

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