Rockets Player Bringing 60 Pairs of Sneakers to NBA’s Orlando Bubble


Houston Rockets enforcer PJ Tucker, a known sneaker-head and lover of corner threes, is bringing his whole entourage to the bubble. No Turtle, E and Johnny Drama won’t be making the trip to Disney for the NBA’s restart, but a fair handful of Tucker’s shoes will be. In fact, 60 of his choice kicks are headed to Orlando as we speak.

This isn’t a new development for Tucker, whose longstanding sneaker obsession has been well-documented throughout his nine-season NBA tenure. The 35-year-old Jordan enthusiast told ESPN last year he travels with up to 16 pairs on road trips, sometimes going through as many as six in a single game. Sixty shoes for eight games and however long the Rockets last in the postseason seems a bit excessive, but according to TNT's Chris Haynes, that’s just the tip of the iceberg as Tucker plans to add to his collection throughout Houston’s stay in the Orlando bubble.

The COVID outbreak hasn’t done much to slow down Tucker’s sneaker pursuit as the 6’5” forward has been glued to Ebay throughout the quarantine, continually adding to his shoe treasure trove. He’s been so active on the auction site that Ebay has actually entered into a partnership with Tucker, who has averaged 7.1 points per game on 43.3-percent shooting in his 64 starts this season.

Who knows what’s in store for Houston this summer—the Lakers, Clippers, Nuggets, Jazz and Thunder all pose daunting challenges in the Western Conference. But even if Tucker and the Rockets go down swinging, we know he’ll be doing it in style.

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