Rudy Gobert Experiencing Unusual Coronavirus Symptom


The three primary symptoms of coronavirus, as posted by the CDC, have become common knowledge: fever, cough and shortness of breath. However, Jazz center Rudy Gobert revealed that his illness has been accompanied by another strange symptom.

On Sunday, Gobert tweeted that he had lost a couple of his senses, most notably his sense of smell.

Roni Caryn Rabin of the New York Times writes that these symptoms, though unusual, are potentially "peculiar clue[s]" that one may be afflicted with COVID-19. She writes that British doctors have "called on adults who lose their senses of smell to isolate themselves for seven days, even if they have no other symptoms." Seeing that Gobert has already been tested positive, a case such as his may provide more conclusive proof that such a symptom can help to identify more seemingly asymptomatic carriers of the disease.

Gobert's diagnosis acted as the initial spark that eventually led to the shutdown of the NBA and the resulting domino effect throughout the world of sports. Gobert, like several other athletes, has been vocal on Twitter and Instagram in sharing his status, updating his fans and sincerely apologizing for his controversial actions prior to his diagnosis.

It's now been more than 10 days since Gobert's positive test and subsequent quarantine, meaning that this symptom must have arrived late in the 2-14 day incubation period that the CDC has outlined for symptoms to arise.

The spread of the illness throughout the NBA has seen teams such as the Lakers, the 76ers and the Celtics report that players within the organization are infected with the illness. Some of the league's brightest stars were among the earliest to be diagnosed, including Gobert, Donovan Mitchell and Kevin Durant. Because of the interconnectedness of the league, it figures that more and more players could have also caught the virus.

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