Signed LeBron James Rookie Jersey Card Could Be Worth $1 Million at Auction


It's not quite the T206 Honus Wagner card, but it's pretty exceptional.

Technically, it's even rarer than Wagner's famous cigarette card, the one that pulled in a record-$3.12 million due to its reputation as the holy grail of sports cards, a label used by many including the National Baseball Hall of Fame, where there is one on display. There are rumored to be fewer than 60 in circulation, according to Cardboard Connection.

However, TMZ Sports says that a signed LeBron James rookie jersey card is, if reports are true, just one of 23 cards of its kind. The awesome collectible has recently hit the block at Goldin Auctions, and the well-known auctioneers and collectors -- who were also responsible for the aforementioned $3.12 million Wagner auction -- said that they expect the LeBron card to go for over seven figures. .

The Michael Jordan-LeBron James debate resurfaced in a big way this year, but if rare card values are any indication, James has a big advantage in this one. Jordan's Fleer rookie card was recently sold for some big bucks, and we're certainly not downplaying just how much it went for.

But you could find eight of those MJ rookie cards -- actually, you probably couldn't -- and you still might not have as much value as one of these uber-rare LeBron rookie jersey cards if Goldin Auctions is correct in their estimates.

It's crazy to compare this card with other pieces of LeBron memorabilia. The very jersey that King James wore in the first game of the 2018 Finals went for just over $100,000. LeBron's St. Vincent-St. Mary high school jersey sold for $187,500 at a 2019 auction.

It's crazy to think just how much power, how much meaning, how much value a little piece of cardboard can hold.

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