Steph Curry Wowed by One-Armed Teenage Basketball Phenom Zhang Jiacheng


This year, Warriors star Steph Curry had to deal with a broken left hand which kept him sidelined for around four months. He played in one game after returning, and the season was canceled five days later due to the coronavirus pandemic. It was a tough year for the sharpshooting All-Star, to say the least.

But he realizes he has it pretty good compared to some less fortunate hoopers around the world, and he found a young basketball talent all the way on the other side of the globe that inspired him. Curry then made it his goal to find who the kid was and reach out.

"Who is this kid?" Curry said on his Weibo page, posting a video of a boy putting on a dazzling performance and breaking out an array of moves. "Help me find him! Keep doing you and don't let anyone tell you that you can't."

Curry added on the last sentence because the boy in the video is doing all of this with just one hand. When he pulls off one of his incredibly quick crossovers or pulls up off a post-move, it looks extremely natural. But 13-year-old Zhang Jiacheng lost his right arm in an accident when he was just five, forcing him to improvise on the court and utilize what's left of his lost limb (via Wang Haoming, Su Bin of Xinhua).

Jiacheng answered Curry's post, telling the two-time MVP that he's the player in question and that he looks up to Curry because, though he's not the biggest or strongest player in the NBA, he finds a way to succeed as one of the best players on the court.

Curry followed up with another video, expressing mutual admiration.

"What's up Jiacheng," Curry said. "I just wanted to say you are an inspiration. You don't take no for an answer. You found a way to overcome and get out there on the basketball court and show people just how much the game means to you.

"Continue to be an inspiration to anybody that lies eyes on you and thinks that you can't do something, you show that you can and you can do it well."

The subsequent post on Curry's Weibo was a dribbling tutorial, and he gave another salute to Jiacheng in the caption.

"I am here to help you become a better ball handler like Jiacheng!" Curry said, leading into another episode of tutorial videos that the star has been posting throughout the basketball hiatus.

The Warriors' hiatus has been extended even further, as an injury-riddled year has left Golden State out of the NBA's 22-team plan to resume play. Now, the Warriors will shift their focus toward the future and the legitimate possibility that they select first overall in the 2020 NBA Draft.

You can check out a montage of Jiacheng's highlights below.

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