Watch the Sixers lose Finals Game 7 on NBA2K in the most gut-wrenching way possible


Whether it’s binging WandaVision, geeking out on NBA Top Shot, or delving into some of the more obscure areas of TikTok (sea shanties are apparently making a comeback), we’re all looking for ways to pass time amid a global pandemic that won’t let up. Firing up PlayStation is as good a distraction as any during these trying times. As a gamer myself (Madden has always been my poison, though I’ve been known to dabble in NBA2K when the mood strikes), I can tell you there’s no better feeling than running up the score on your hapless, computer-generated opponent, piling up obscene stats in a merciless display of dominance. However, the agony of virtual defeat can be a bitter pill indeed.

Most of us have experienced at least some degree of video-game heartbreak, though I doubt it rivaled the sheer torture felt by Twitter user Louis Vuitton Don, whose beloved Sixers, thanks to a late bucket by Joel Embiid (and some criminally lazy defense by clueless Jazz center Derrick Favors), were mere seconds from capturing an elusive Larry O’Brien Trophy … until Jordan Clarkson went and did this.

Nothing to see here, just your run-of-the-mill, full-court, Game-7 dagger to win the championship. Good grief. What’s remarkable about this sequence, besides everything, is how Joe Ingles selfishly makes the moment about himself. Watch Ingles chew the scenery here, falling to his knees in over-the-top fashion, surrounded by an army of delighted teammates including … wait, is that BEN SIMMONS? Holy heel turn, what a betrayal by Simmons, returning to his familiar Philly stomping grounds to finish off his former team once and for all. For context, our pal Louis Vuitton apparently traded Simmons for Donovan Mitchell at some point, which would explain this deeply uncomfortable sight.

As if having your heart ripped out on an 80-foot buzzer-beater wasn’t scarring enough, here’s Ben to pile on, mocking Louis Vuitton and the Sixers every step of the way. And while we’re on the subject, can we talk about Ingles miraculously teleporting from the opposite baseline to midcourt? I know the laws of physics tend to be looser in the virtual realm, but my god.

Honestly, I feel a little bad for Clarkson here. The guy hits the greatest shot in league history and essentially gets ignored by his teammates, who inexplicably flock to Ingles, an underwhelming role player the average fan couldn’t pick out of a crowd. But I digress.

The 76ers’ 38-year title drought continues, even on PlayStation. Still, Sixers fans have lived through worse. I don’t think the City of Brotherly Love will ever fully recover from what Kawhi Leonard did to them in 2019. We don't have to rehash it—I know it's a sore subject for many—but you know the play I'm talking about.

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