Wiz Khalifa remembers when Kevin Durant left him stranded outside of a club


NBA star Kevin Durant decided to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder in favor of the Golden State Warriors.

A few years later, Durant decided to leave the Golden State Warriors in favor of the Brooklyn Nets.

And, on a completely unrelated note, Durant also decided to leave Wiz Khalifa in favor of an apparently very exclusive night club — maybe it was like a roller coaster with a 6-foot-8 height limit? — and the rapper was left stranded. Khalifa told the whole story on Instagram Live (h/t Joshua Espinoza of Complex).

“Kevin Durant, that’s the homie from back in the day. You remember when you left me outside the club?” Khalifa said (via Espinoza). “Yeah, man, he left me outside the club. We was bout to get in the club and they looked at him and they looked at everybody he was with and they was like, ‘Y’all can get in but he can’t,’ and he was like, ‘Bruh, I’m going to see you later, yo.'

“But what I did, though … I got back, right? And I came back in the club and I met him in there, you know what I’m saying. Cause I’m not no slouch, you feel me? No love lost."

Time to go through Khalifa's songs and figure out which lyrics were written in that small timeframe during which Khalifa stood outside the club and fumed.

Whichever club decided to take Durant with open arms but leave out the multi-platinum selling Khalifa has some questionable policies — it kind of reminds me of a more extreme edition of when rapper Chiddy Bang wasn't let into a bar in Lancaster, PA, after he performed at my alma mater, Franklin and Marshall — but it was apparently a cool enough place for Durant to head in on his own.

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