Zion Williamson recalls viral clip of small, scrawny high schooler trying to guard him


There are plenty of viral Zion Williamson clips of his high-flying dunks, but nothing compares to the video of when a scrawny teenager half his size getting physical with the future NBA star before an inbounds play back when Williamson was in high school.

JJ Redick brought this clip up to the New Orleans Pelicans star on this week’s RADIO.COM “The Old Man & the Three” podcast, where Redick asked if he remembered this moment from his days at Spartanburg Day School in South Carolina.

“I will never forget that,” Williamson said. “That was our rival. It was late third, fourth quarter. We’re up like 30 at this point. We come out of a timeout and he starts walking over to me. I’m like, ‘No way. You’re not about to do this.’

“He comes over and starts [clapping]. If you saw me, I looked to the right, our principal … our track and field coach. I’m like, ‘Are they serious?’”

Williamson said in the moment he could not believe the other team was trying to disrespect him like that because they were down by so much, but now he understands why the kid, whose name is Bryson Bishop, did that.

“People don’t know I got a lot of respect for him doing that,” Williamson said. “His teammates were so out of it htat he was just trying to give them energy. For him to be the one to come over to do that, I got nothing but respect for him.

“But when it was happening in the moment, I was like, ‘No way. Don’t disrespect me like that.’ But I got a lot of respect for him for that.”

Redick agreed and respected the “courage” he had to guard Williamson in high school.

Bishop even caught wind of the clip on Twitter and connected with Redick as well, who gave the high school senior a shoutout.

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