NCAA rule proposal aims to crack down on flopping

By , Audacy Sports

The NCAA is apparently looking to further discourage flopping in college basketball.

The league's Rules Committee on Friday recommended that players who pretend to be fouled in hopes of drawing calls against opposing players should be slapped with a technical foul.

The issue, along with others, was set to be voted on by the NCAA's Playing Rules Oversight Panel on June 3, according to a press release.

The rule proposal would put the NCAA more in line with the NBA, which in recent years has adopted stiffer penalties to discourage players from flopping. A flop caught in-game by officials on review is assessed a technical foul, while those caught after the game by league officials are assessed fines.

Under the NCAA's current flopping rule, implemented two years ago, a player is first issued a warning before any penalty is assessed. Instead, the new proposal would do away with the warning, leading to an immediate Class B technical foul, meaning the opposing team gets a one-shot free throw. The technical for flopping would not count against a player's personal fouls.

The league cited several types of plays it is hoping to clean up, including when shooters fall to the floor even when they haven't been contacted, and dribblers who exaggerate contact above the shoulder area by "bobbing" their heads.

Coloardo coach Tad Boyle, the chairman of the committee, said the current flopping rule hasn't been cutting it.

“After two years of using warnings, we didn’t feel like we were getting the results that we wanted,” Boyle said. “We are trying to get flopping out of our game. We’re asking the officials to call them when they happen.”

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