2020 NFL Mock Draft: Local Experts Make Final 1st-Round Picks


If you’re irrationally excited to see Roger Goodell’s basement in all its glory Thursday night, don’t worry—you’re not alone. We’re all chomping at the bit for football, even if the closest we get is grainy footage of the commissioner’s man cave. Maybe it won’t be the most visually compelling draft ever staged, but beggars can’t be choosers in this time of societal unrest. We’re all adapting to a new reality and if that reality includes Dave Gettleman drafting from a makeshift war room in his house (only to be completely upstaged by Tom Telesco’s immaculate home office), so be it. In a world that’s not normal, why should the NFL Draft be any different?

This isn’t your parents' mock draft. It’s bigger, better, flashier and involved way more manpower. In fact, it took 18 of us to make this kitty purr. Along with the usual suspects—the Philadelphia Five consisting of myself, Jordan Cohn, John Healy, Tim Kelly and Dan Mennella—we looped in 13 local writers, all from RADIO.COM stations, to pick for their respective markets. And here, ladies and gentleman, is the end result.

Disclaimer: For simplicity’s sake, our first-round mock doesn’t include any trades, though with all the jockeying for position that goes on during the draft, we’ll probably see a handful in real life.