Aaron Rodgers applauds 'courageous' Dak Prescott for speaking out on depression


Aaron Rodgers is sticking up for a fellow star quarterback.

The longtime Packers superstar weighed in on the recent discussion surrounding mental and emotional health after his Cowboys counterpart, Dak Prescott, revealed his struggles with anxiety and depression due to the recent death of his brother and the coronavirus pandemic.

Prescott's candid admission was generally well-received -- but was panned in cruel fashion by longtime pundit Skip Bayless, who was reprimanded by his employers at FOX Sports for the insensitive remarks.

Several athletes and journalists rallied to Prescott's defense -- and now Rodgers has come forward to show his support for the embattled Dallas quarterback.

Speaking with reporters on Wednesday, Rodgers said he was proud of Prescott for speaking out.

"I saw what Dak said," Rodgers said. "I applaud him. I think it's phenomenal, speaking out. Because that's true courage, and that's true strength. It's not a weakness at all."

Rodgers even appeared to take an indirect shot at Bayless.

"Anybody who attacks it -- other peoples' opinions have really nothing to do with ourselves," he said. "That's a great line I've heard. And other peoples' opinions of Dak have nothing do with him. Those are their own insecurities about their inability to deal with their own shit, probably."

The 36-year-old Rodgers said he'd took note of the emotional meeting between Prescott and Atlanta tight end Hayden Hurst following last week's Cowboys-Falcons game.

"I applaud Dak, and I think Hurst as well had some words for him after the game. I think it's a beautiful thing when people start talking about it, because at the bare minimum it makes you more relatable to people.

"We have the same struggles, same issues and same desires to grow and change, and see things in a better, positive light, that so many people out there do. I think the more we can connect with people, especially on conversations like this .. the better our society can be moving forward as a connected society built around love and positivity."

Prescott appeared to shrug off the negativity in Week 2, earning Player of the Week honors for his outstanding performance against the Falcons.

Bayless, meanwhile, appeared to be closing in on a new contract extension despite -- or perhaps because of -- his callous take on Prescott.

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