Adam Gase makes cringeworthy attempt to deny he was calling plays


Before Sunday’s game against the Dolphins, ESPN reported that Adam Gase was resuming play-calling duties with Sam Darnold back at quarterback.

Or was he?

It seemed pretty clear to those watching that Gase, holding the play sheet throughout the game, was calling the plays for the offense in the 20-3 loss to Miami, but Gase awkwardly tried to deny this was true in the postgame Zoom conference.

“I didn’t take over – we’ve done the same thing the last four games,” Gase said, referring to the recent process where offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains calls the plays, relays it to Gase, who relays to the offense – which seems unnecessarily convoluted itself.

Yet, the media scrum – via Zoom – was not buying it. One reporter pointed to the fact that while observing Loggains during the game he was not doing anything and “just standing there.”

“He tells me [the plays]. It’s not hard,” Gase said. “We go through it the drive before. Hey, these are the three plays. I do the third downs.”

Another reporter asked what happens after the three plays, citing a moment he noticed when Loggains was talking to the offensive line coach while Gase was running the offense.

Gase asked what part of the game this was – it was the third quarter – and then appeared to completely contradict his earlier response.

“Yeah, when we got down I was trying to do some of the two minute stuff,” he said.

On Monday, Gase clarified that the play-calling is a "collaborative" effort, but did not want to give away too much to avoid a competitive disadvantage.

It is hard to see where they have any advantage at the moment. The Jets mustered 260 yards of total offense and scored three points – which came on the first drive of the game.

Darnold, after missing the last two games with an AC joint sprain, completed 16 of 27 pass attempts for 197 yards and two interceptions.

The Jets are now 0-11 and still have a hold on the No. 1 draft pick, which could net them Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence.

It seems pretty obvious Gase won’t be around much longer to call the plays for him.

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