Amani Toomer on Daniel Jones: 'I Just Don't Know What We Have in Him'


The New York Giants’ selection of Daniel Jones was a polarizing one, but the quarterback left fans beaming with optimism following his rookie season.

Yet, Jones has not quite sold himself on everyone.

Former Giants wide receiver Amani Toomer stopped short of praising his former team’s new franchise quarterback while appearing on RADIO.COM Sports’ “Home & Home” show on Thursday.

“I’m excited,” Toomer said. “I just don’t know what we have in him.”

Jones started 12 games for the Giants last year, taking over for Eli Manning in Week 3, and certainly showcased his fair share of strengths and weaknesses. He threw for 3,027 yards and led all rookies with 24 touchdowns, but struggled with ball security, tossing 12 interceptions and leading the league with 18 fumbles.

“He had a couple good games early, but most quarterbacks when they get their first start they’re going to succeed because nobody has the book on them,” Toomer said. “They don’t know what they’re gonna do, don’t know what they like, what they don’t like; basically they’re playing honest.

“But more film, more defenses are allowed to cheat and take away tendencies, and that’s when usually quarterbacks will have four good games and all of a sudden go in the tank.”

Jones does fit that description.

After winning his first two games, the Giants lost eight straight while Jones threw for 15 touchdowns to nine interceptions and lost seven fumbles before going down with an ankle injury that forced him to miss two games.

The rookie returned to finish the season strong, throwing for 653 yards and six touchdowns to one interception in his final two games, but his ankle injury remains another reason for Toomer’s caution.

“I think he had some resurgence toward the end of the season, the injury situation he got with his ankle, you just don’t know,” Toomer continued. “Giants quarterbacks aren’t used to being hurt. We had Kerry Collins and Eli Manning. None of those guys were hurt for that long and none of them missed that many snaps. Over the last 20 years there hasn’t been a lot of [Giants] quarterbacks missing snaps because injuries.”

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