Bon Jovi 'won't ever go back' to Buffalo after Bills sale drama


If Jon Bon Jovi ever stepped foot in Buffalo, he'd be wanted — alive, I'd imagine, though that doesn't help me complete the pun — as an enemy of Bills fans.

However, this doesn't seem to be something that he or Buffalo natives will have to worry about anymore, as Bon Jovi has officially cut ties with the city following all of the drama that came as a result of his attempt to purchase the Bills.

In 2014, the rock star came up short of Terry and Kim Pegula's $1.4 billion offer to become the newest owners of the Bills, though it was Donald Trump who may have been his biggest obstacle in doing so. Ben Schreckinger of GQ unveiled the future POTUS's "shady scheme" to build hatred toward Bon Jovi in Buffalo, which revolved around a local fan group he established — with the help of Michael Caputo — to spread rumors that Bon Jovi would attempt to move the franchise to Toronto, among other antics. It got so bad that a 2014 article from New York Magazine called him "the most hated man in Buffalo."

And though it's been years since this all went down, Bon Jovi is still mad at the President and at Buffalo locals for how he was received.

For one, the 58-year-old adamantly denies the buzz that he was going to turn the team into a Toronto-based organization

“I can tell you, I swear to you on a stack of Bibles, because I had to have this hardy conversation with the two partners: ‘We’re not gonna get this unless we keep this here,’” Bon Jovi told Ben Allen of GQ in another interview. “We never saw it coming. I was calling the town councilman, telling him, ‘I’m moving to Buffalo, New York!’”

Now, moving to Buffalo is at the very, very bottom of Bon Jovi's to-do list.

“I won’t ever go back to the city of Buffalo,” he said. “You will never see my face in Buffalo ever. I have knocked it off the map.”

According to, the last time Bon Jovi performed in Buffalo at a concert was in 2013 at First Niagara Center — now KeyBank Center — and I have to say, the 26-song setlist was pretty darn good. But, if I were a Bills fan after hearing the rumors of his plans, I'm sure I might think differently.

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