Drew Brees Adds New Apology Video: 'I Will Be Part of the Solution'


After receiving league-wide backlash for his comments on kneeling during the National Anthem on Wednesday, Drew Brees uploaded a picture of a black person's fist and a white person's fist intertwined. He offered an apology throughout a few paragraphs, "condemn(ing) the years of oppression" throughout the black community, acknowledging his role in a community of Americans that have not devoted enough time or attention in order to "truly understand the struggles and plight of the black community," and calling himself an ally, and never an enemy.

Many were appreciative of the gesture. But to many, it wasn't enough. One figure who was particularly adamant in his thoughts on Brees' initial apology was 76ers star Tobias Harris, who demanded more from the Saints quarterback.

Later in the day on Thursday, Brees answered Harris' and many others' call.

In the video, Brees sincerely apologizes again, starting off with an acknowledgement that there may not be any way for him to gain the forgiveness of those he's angered.

I know there's not much that I can say that would make things any better right now, but I just want you to see in my eyes how sorry I am for the comments that I made yesterday," Brees said. "I know that it hurt many people, especially friends, teammates, former teammates, loved ones, people that I care and respect deeply.

"That was never my intention."

Some of those who were especially hurt by Brees' remarks on kneeling during the anthem were two of his wide receivers, Michael Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders.

Thomas accepted the initial apology the next day through Twitter.

Brees' apology video continued with a more direct reference to the current social situation.

"I wish I would've laid out what was on my heart in regards to the George Floyd murder, Ahmaud Arbery, the years and years of social injustice, police brutality, and the need for so much reform and change in regards to legislation and so many other things to bring equality to our black communities," Brees said. "I'm sorry, and I will do better, and I will be part of the solution. And I am your ally."

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