Brett Favre Dishes on Golf Outing with Trump


Brett Favre is opening up about a round of golf he recently played with President Trump.

The legendary NFL QB and the president hit the links together on July 25 at Trump's golf club in Bedminster, N.J.

The duo posed together on a putting green for a photo, with Trump flashing his patented thumbs-up.

Favre recently told FOX News that the outing was an "awesome experience," and it was an "honor" to play alongside the president.

The three-time NFL MVP said they avoided discussing politics, and Trump's demeanor was as amiable as it "could be" given the stresses of his job. Trump said he "loves" the pressure of the Oval Office, Favre recalled.

The 50-year-old Hall of Famer said accepting the invitation to play was less about his personal politics or relationship with Trump, and more about his admiration for the office he holds.

“I’ll say this: I respect the office of the president of the United States, regardless of who’s in office. Had Barack Obama, George Bush, Bill Clinton -- anybody during my era -- had they asked me to play golf, I certainly would have jumped at the opportunity, simply because regardless of what they believe in, just to be asked is an honor.”

After the outing, the White House released a statement saying Favre and Trump spoke about the return of sports, saying they “discussed the importance of sports as a critical unifying and uplifting part of the safe reopening of America."

As for Trump's golf game, Favre said he was "very impressed" with how Trump strikes the ball, as well as how quickly he plays.

“We had a couple of holes where we picked up, no score was penciled in, but for the most part, he can play,” Favre said. “He hits the ball very good and I’ll also tell you this, he’s a fast golfer. There was times I had a 140-yard shot and he’s up there at the green with his putter, ready to go.”

The day after the outing, Trump praised Favre and his golf game on social media, saying he hits the ball "LONG."

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