Brett Favre: Joe Burrow Had Best Season in College Football History


Joe Burrow's off-the-charts senior season at LSU already earned him the Heisman Trophy and has him poised to be the top overall pick in Thursday's NFL Draft -- and according to one Hall of Fame quarterback, the accolades shouldn't end there.

Burrow's historic campaign is simply the best ever by a quarterback in the history of the college ranks, football legend Brett Favre told TMZ Sports.

"I don't think I've ever seen a college player play better than he did last year," Favre said. "In fact, their team was incredible -- the best college team I've ever seen. Best play by a college quarterback in history."

Burrow has set a tough standard for himself, Favre said.

"So, he's got a lot to prove at the next level. People are going to wonder, 'was it the team, or was it him?' But I do think he has a heck of a game, individual game."

Burrow completed an eye-popping 76 percent of his passes for an FBS-record 60 touchdown tosses last season.

Favre, a Southern Miss product drafted by the Falcons before he later established himself with the Packers, offered an interesting comparison for Burrow at the professional level.

"He's just mobile enough. First thing that comes to mind is Russell Wilson -- he can beat you with his legs, but he doesn't really. He buys time with his legs. Joe can run well enough to dodge and weave, but trust me, he doesn't want to do that. He better not do that -- slide, get back up.

"Maybe initially, say it's in Cincinnati, he may have to move around a little bit, maybe his protection's not what it was at LSU -- I'm almost certain it won't be as good as it was at LSU."

Elsewhere, Favre detailed his own Draft-day experience, including the butchering of his last name when it was finally called.

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