NFL Legend Bruce Smith Explains His Dirty 'Family Feud' Answer


Bruce Smith became a viral star with his answer on Family Feud that left everyone in hysterics and Steve Harvey dumbfounded.

In case you missed it, during the “Fast Money” round of a Celebrity Family Feud episode, the NFL all-time sacks leader was asked, “If Captain Hook was moonlighting as a handyman, he might replace his hook with what tool?”

Smith first said “hammer,” which was already used an answer, so his next choice was … “penis.”

On Tuesday, Smith explained why he said that, which led Harvey to blurt out, “What the f—k did he say?” and ignore the rest of the questions in the round.

“I don’t know what I was thinking …There is something about a time clock and a buzzer that, it makes you become confused when you’re running out of time and you don’t have an answer,” Smith told The Dan Patrick Show. “I gave the No. 1 answer originally and then when that buzzer went off a couple of times, I guess I kind of panicked.”

Yet, Smith could have just blurted out any tool, so why did his mind go immediately to the male anatomy?

“As we were filming the show, there were multiple questions where all they talked about was sex,” Smith said. “Michael Irvin was talking his wife and he and she was playing a role of his assistant in the office … So, I was already hot-wired to potentially give that answer. I just needed the time and the space.”

Smith added that there were a few times throughout the taping of the show – which happened back in February – and two of them were due to his answer.

“Everyone was in stitches because we were laughing so hard,” Smith said. “Steve stopped the whole show and did a 15 minute comedy show for the audience. We just couldn’t stop laughing, it was so funny. The way Steve’s response was, and the facial expressions he gave, it was priceless.”

To add more fun to the moment, Smith said that friends and former teammates were tuning into the show and cracking up the whole time, but Smith kept teasing them to keep watching, it gets better.

Needless to say, Smith provided everyone with a much-needed laugh.

“We’re living in some difficult times right now … everyone needs a good laugh,” Smith said. “I think this provided a good laugh for everyone that watches Family Feud.”

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